Welcome and Thank You for visiting my Writer's Website, my Friends!

It took me 40 years to write what I hope you will all come to enjoy. Peace be with you.

A Journey of Hope, Day by Day

Please Join Me on the Path Less Taken

Over four decades I learned many lessons from far too many individuals to appropriately note. What follows on this web site are the topics that matter most to me. Subjects which I hope you will come to share.

Currently I have 18 texts in e-books format with a more limited number in print editons. The links to purchase them all are embedded. 

Risk being among those who decided to be part of the solutions in life not the problems.

A Journey of Hope, Day by Day

A Journey of Hope, Day by Day is both my latest book as well as the story of my writing career.  

My writing story literally began as nothing more than an 11th grade English project. 4,500 articles, Op-Eds, Internet posts later, you can quickly review all my work in print using the link www.voicesof.us

My most read books are; the devotional series, "40 Shades of Love," a Lenten reflection text,  "Advent, Preparing for Christ."  as well as my two part autobiography "Only in Real Life" , "Real Life in Perspective," 

Additionally my thoughts on America's future can be reviewed in several texts such as "Resurrecting Common Sense in America," "America's Income Inequality Challenge," and "2018 America's Wave Election.

While my blogging days are done, I continue to pen Op-Eds now hosted by Medium.com

My Style, My Hope

I do not pretend to be a journalist or an academic at alone the world's next great author. I am a teller of stories presented in a first person narrative style. A man attempting to do no more than express my humble thoughts concerning our common journey in life.

In closing, many have asked why,  I published my articles and series for free on the Internet for decades and continue to give away my e-books per Amazon's promotional limitations. 

All I can tell you is, "If you love something set it free." That journey on the path less taken to me has made all the difference. 

Peace be with you.



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Risk the Path Less Traveled

Our Common Heritage of Hope

One theme runs throuhg nearly everything Richard Mathews writes, "United we can create a future filled with the promises all truly hold most dear."

Be Part of the Solution

It is true, there are no easy answers to complex problems. But united we can make the commitment, dedicate the resources and establish the long term plans to make our dreams come true.

Our Future is Up to Us

The more you know, the greater chance you have of fulfilling your dreams following the path less taken.