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A Journey of Hope, Day by Day

Over four decades ago I wrote and pulbished, "The Greatest Crime."

From the nameless void of time eternal a voice calls forth for all to hear. It speak of the wrongs that do occur both afar and far to near. It speaks of the wrong done by man of failing to offer an uplifting hand. It speaks of the greater wrong done by those who know what must be done yet refuse to do so. It then notes our greatest crime refusing to believe in our fellow man across all space and time.

Thus began my lifetime  dedicted to empowering my fellow man to enhance our common condition. 

A Journey of Hope, Day by Day

Please consider exploring my thoughts shared with millions over the Internet and now tens of thousands across the globe as e-books and in print.

A Journey of Hope, Day by Day is both my first secular thought for the day annual as well as the symbolic story of my writing career.  

My writing story literally began as nothing more than an 11th grade English project. 5,000 articles, Op-Eds, Letters to the Editor, Internet posts and e-books later, I hope you will come to find topics which interest you. 

My most read books are; the devotional series, "40 Shades of Love," a Lenten reflection text,  "Advent, Preparing for Christ."  as well as my two part autobiography "Only in Real Life" , "Real Life in Perspective," 

Additionally my thoughts on America's future can be reviewed in several texts such as "Resurrecting Common Sense in America," "America's Income Inequality Challenge," and "2018 America's Wave Election.

Recently I added the blog to this web site. Additionally  I continue to pen Op-Eds posted on multiple platforms such as Medium.com

My Style, My Hope

I do not pretend to be a journalist or an academic at alone the world's next great author. I am a teller of stories presented in a first person narrative style. A man attempting to do no more than express my humble thoughts concerning our common journey in life.

In closing many have asked, "Why  I published my articles and series for free on the Internet for decades and continue to give away my e-books per Amazon's promotional limitations?"

All I can tell you is, "If you love something set it free." That journey on the path less taken to me has made all the difference. 

Peace be with you.



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