The economics of Income Inequality, Entitlement Reform and Energy Policy

America's Income Inequality Challenge


America's Income Inequality Challenge was my 19 part series on this subject which ran for two months on Voices of United States in early 2015. Now available as an e-book the text examines the root causes of the problem and the possbile empowering solutions.

Resurrecting Common Sense in America


Resurrecting Common Sense in America was created as a series of articles which appeared on Mr. Mathews blog between 2008 and 2009. Often deemed a historical bi-partisan policy primer, the text carries readers across history allowing them to listen to the thoughts of Politicians and Economists on the issues which continue to divide us today.

Exporting Life not Death


Exporting Life not Death examines both our fossil fuel assets in America and the potential of our renewable sources of energy. It puts in context the power which exporting energy and technology could hold as a key to creating greater global stability, peace.

Fiscal Cliff of 2012


Fiscal Cliff of 2012 takes on the serious challenges facing America to both enhance the solvency of our Social Safety Net programs while examining paths which could lead to a balanced budget as well as reduction of our national debt.

Saving Medicare for a Cup of Coffee


Saving Medicare for a Cup of Coffee was a multi-platform series running on nearly a dozen web pages and blogs. The e-book examines proposals by America's left and right to put in context the importance of creating fiscal solvency for Medicare.

Since you asked?


We should all explore the economics of solving Income Inequality, Entitlement Reform and even America's Fiscal Cliff our National Debt. 

2,500 years ago it was noted, "Man kinds greatest liability will always be refusing to address the challenges of our fellow man."

Only united in an ongoing quest to understand the challenges we face can we truly improve our human condition.