Enjoy my Mystery Fiction, Science Fiction and Short Stories


First Prima

I began writing mystery fiction as well as science fiction in my youth. The Library was my Internet. A place where my imagination fueled by the words of great writers took me on journeys to lands long gone and places yet to be explored. Now forty years since writing my first Science Fiction short story and nearly twenty years since writing my last, those works are once again available both as an e-book and in print. 

Honoring your requests, I have expanded the text to hold both my globally read devotionals series, "40 Shades of Love,' and "Advent preparing for Christ. Additionally, excepts from both my books, 'Real Life in Perspective," as well as "Will You be a Hero," are included as bonus material.


The Patience of Death

The Patience of Death earned its title over three decades. The mystery action novella was once purchased for publication only to be returned failing to meet the final cut. Begun in the 1980's this who done it thriller will leave readers guessing until its final page.


Now Available, "Blinded by the Light"

Blinded by the Light Is the first book, I have ever co-written. While the short story upon which the novella is based was mine, my daughter Elizabeth Anne created the back story and characters which turned a 2,500 word tale into a 20,000 word novella. 

Once again, my children are truly why my stories are available for you to enjoy.