My Autobiography


I am a Christian

My story is one based on faith. Faith in God, family and country. A story once far from unique but today often untold because of a growing world view, faith is a foolish practice. I will not attempt to convince anyone faith has granted me fame and fortune. What I will tell you is, faith led me to my soul mate making my prayers to find love and become a father possible.

But many do not believe what I believe. I understand their viewpoint. That is why I wrote the new book, A Journey in Hope, Day by Day. The book traces our common empowering heritage day by day through history. It is now available as both an e-book and in print formats.



Only in Real Life

Only in Real Life is part one of my autobiography. A story told one tale of my life at a time. A story focusing on lessons learned which netted great joy as well as sorrow at times. A story stretching from my Wonder Years to Married with Children. 

A story I felt I owed all who shared my journey making mine truly a wonderful life.


Real Life in Perspective

Real Life in Perspective is part two of my autobiography. It is an attempt to fill in the blanks concerning my world view. The text places my observations of the world in context of the events of my life. 

I have come to believe, rarely is life as wonderful or terrible as it at times appears in the midst of the moment.  Live to love my friends. That path less taken could make all the difference.