America's Voter Rebellion

America's Voter Rebellion examines the populist movement which radically effected the primary process leading up to the General Election of 2016. The text examines the campaigns of the contenders and eventual election of President Donald J. Trump. It then puts the 2016 Election in context reviewing the evolution of American Campaigning since the upset vicotry of Harry Truman in 1948.

2018 America's Wave Election

2018 America's Wave Election brings together several series now published as e-books written by Richard Mathews. The comprehensive text deals with the Populist Movement to Income Inequality to Entitlement Reform to Empowering Energy Independence as well as other topics Main Street supports which Washington continues to ignore.

Voices of United States

Voices of United States is an Anthology of posts made on the blog from its inception until 2011 when the site first crashed. Preserving the highest ranked and most read Op-Eds as well as series in this e-book allows readers to review how many contend our future could surpass our past.

Voices of United States Volume II

Voices of United States Volume II is an anthology of the most reads posts which appeared on the Blog from 2012 until it left the Internet in 2016. The work of a dozen Authors is featured expressing their Opinion on how America can Unite the States of this great nation for the benefit of all.

Coming Soon

Mr. Mathews is working on his next book examining the growing Revolution in American Politics. All he will say for now is, "To many, perhaps as many as a 100 million potential voters, 2016 settled nothing. America's Voter Rebellion continues."


You asked?

You asked if I am a Democrat, Republican or something else?

To many pundits, members of the political elite and main stream media, they consider me as something not appropriate to note on a public web page. As I've never denied, "I am a Christian first and American second having voted for candidates of both parties for now nearly 40 years."